1:00 PM Load motor coaches 
1:30 pm Arrive at US Department of Agriculture Hop Research Farm
Hop Breeding and Genetics Field Tour – Dr. John Henning
Attendees will tour the hop breeding and genetics hop yards that include the World Hop Collection, the dwarf hop nursery, male nurseries and the selections nurseries.   Dr. Henning will discuss his research and his use of the nurseries to identify molecular markers that aid in selection.   The farm recently installed a new drip irrigation system which is the standard in commercial hop production.
Hop Pathology Field Tour – Dr. David Gent
The hop pathology research hop yards are currently being used for a study focused on how nitrogen fertilizer use affects pests, yield, brewing quality factors, and nitrate accumulation in cones.  This research is supported by the Brewers Association, Hop Research Council, and the Oregon Hop Commission.
3:00 pm Load buses to Depart USDA Hop Farm
3:45 pm Arrive at Alluvial Farm in Independence, Oregon for field tour and dinner
The rich ‘alluvial soils’ for which the farm was named after and the moderate climate of the Willamette Valley is the reason Independence, Oregon  at one time claimed to be the “Hop Capital of the World.” Oregon was ranked first in hop production in the United States from 1905 – 1943, with approximately half of all US hops grown in the State of Oregon in 1939.

Located just outside the town of Independence, Oregon and adjacent to the Willamette River, Alluvial Farm produces approximately 1,000 acres of hops.  The farm grows more than 20 different, mostly aroma-type varieties. The farm markets its hops to brewers and hop merchants including, Anheuser-Busch, John I Haas, Indie Hops, YCH Hops, SS Steiner Hops, Select Botanicals, and Rogue Brewing.

The farm operates three traditional Dauenhauer Picking machines during its approximately 35-day harvest.  All harvested hops are baled and shipped directly to cold storage in Salem, Oregon or Yakima, Washington.  Growers John Coleman Jr, Tom Coleman, and Ben Coleman along with their families and staff will welcome attendees to their farm for tours and dinner.


5:30 pm Dinner and Social Time with Oregon Hop Growers
The Oregon hop industry is excited to welcome brewers from around the world to Oregon.  Many of the local growers will join the group at the farm and share about Oregon’s unique hop growing region.