On behalf of the ASBC and MBAA, and our IBS conference planning committee, I wish to invite you to attend the 2nd International Brewing Symposium on Hop Flavor and Aroma in Beer, to be held on the Oregon State University campus, July 25 – 28, 2017. In August of 2007, we held the very successful first IBS Hops Symposium, and so we look forward to sharing the new, exciting and relevant research on this topic that has emerged over the past 10 years. The three-day conference we are planning, includes notable speakers invited from around the world to share their knowledge about hops and beer flavor. Additionally, the conference offers an opportunity to view updates by researchers carrying out on-going studies for the Hop Research Council. You will also have the opportunity to see the hops industry in Oregon, from breeding to commercial production. Please join us this summer in Corvallis for an engaging meeting about hops and their contributions to beer flavor.


Thomas H. Shellhammer
Chair, IBS Hops Symposium Planning Committee
Nor’Wester Professor of Fermentation Science
Oregon State University

Planning Committee

Christina Schoenberger, Barth-Haas Group, 2015-2016 President of ASBC
Roy Johnson, John I Haas, 2016-2017 President of MBAA
Joe Casey, Craft Brew Alliance, 2014-2016 President, District NW MBAA
Paul Matthews, S.S. Steiner
Patricia Aron, Rahr Malting Co.